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Two Programs of Assistance for All Temporary Help Needs
QuikStaff and StaffRight Programs

The Industry Standard for Employees on Demand

Your solution for a timely supply of personnel in large and small, 301 or perform basic tasks over long or short time periods.

When You Need QuikStaff:
Special Projects
Peak Business Seasons
Sick Leaves and Time Off
Balancing Staffs
Permanent Vacancies

A Sophisticated Advance in Quality Staffing Assistance

With this innovative program, StaffRight allows the most selective employer to benefit from top-performing workers with freedom and flexibility.  These carefully chosen employees meet both your and Bright Services' and your standards of excellence for all work disciplines. Our requirements for this program include:

  1. Verification of the individual's employment/unemployment records, experience and positions for the last five years, plus confirmation of actual residences.

  2. Approval of the individual through a demanding selection process, including testing and team interviews.

  3. Documented skills and education.

  4. Tailored assistance to include court/background checks and drug testing.

  5. Determination that the StaffRight employee meets or exceeds the client company's permanent placement criteria, should this be an objective.

Three Programs of Assistance for All Permanent Help Staffing Needs
Work-to-Permanent, Direct Hire and Executive-Technical Discovery

Bright Services' Employer Selection Plan

A simple, worry-free program to bring you the success you want in staff hiring ... after you know the candidate, his/her skills and potential, and performance while working at your location.  Where you can judge competence and compatibility without a commitment.  Here's how ESP works.

STEP ONE: You give us your specific job requirements.

STEP TWO: We select the worker according to your employee profile. (You may interview, if you wish)

STEP THREE: You sign worker's weekly time sheet, then FAX or have employee deliver to Bright Services by noon Monday.

STEP FOUR: We process the employee's check and calculate all lawful deductions ... FICA, FUTA, SUTA, Federal and Virginia income taxes ... and make the check available to the employee between 8 a.m. and 5:15 p.m. on Fridays.

STEP FIVE: We then pay FICA contributions, worker's compensation insurance, federal and state unemployment and bonding.

STEP SIX: You are billed weekly at agreed-upon rates for employee's  actual hours worked.   (No off-time hours are included.)

STEP SEVEN: At any time you feel comfortable that the employee is suitable and satisfactory as a permanent employee, you may hire the individual by paying the discounted early release charge or after working 720 or more hours (for jobs paying up to $30,000 annually) you may hire the individual on a no charge basis.

With Bright Services' ESP program, all obligations are ours.  You simply eliminate the headaches, such as:

  • Costly, traumatic problems associated with bad hiring decisions.

  • Unemployment claims/charges associated with last 30-day employer. (Statistics show that nearly 80 percent of all unemployment claims come from people who are on a given job less than 90 days.)

  • Record keeping, accounting, benefits, payroll taxes and insurance costs.

  • Advertising and interviewing costs, and the possibility of alerting your employees and competitors of  your job vacancies.

Direct Hire Program
When Work to Permanent Hiring does Not Meet Your
Current Staffing Needs

When you must hire directly or immediately and wish Bright Services' personal guidance, our Permanent Placement Service Program will save you time and money in locating and screening candidates for your Clerical, Office, manufacturing, Distribution, and all Industrial jobs.

Discounted fees are available to Bright Services clients (currently using our temporary and work to permanent programs)

Regular fee:  5 weeks salary  (Based on a 40-hour work week)
Discounted fee:  4 weeks salary (based on 40-hour work week)

Bright Executive-Technical Discovery:

When you must hire directly or immediately and wish Bright Services' personal guidance, our Permanent Placement Service Program will save you time and money in locating and screening candidates for your professional, technical and managerial positions - Payroll $40.000 & up.

Charges for this program may be handled on a cost, time, results or contingency basis (% of annualized salary)

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