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Discover Major Advantages with Bright Services’ Two Innovative Temporary Staffing Help Programs.

Because your temporary employees are only as good as the company that identifies them, recruits them, rests them, trains them, and matches them to specific client’s needs.  Bright Services offers two temporary help programs to fill all of your short or long term temporary and full time staffing needs.

A Sophisticated advance in quality staffing assistance

Bright Services’ innovative StaffRight program allows the most selective employer to benefit from top performing workers with freedom and flexibility.  These carefully chosen employees meet Bright Services’ and your standards of excellence (same as permanent staff) for all employment disciplines.


The Industry Standard for Employees on Demand

Your solution for a timely supply of personnel in large and small numbers – 1, 301, or more – to perform basic tasks over long or short time periods.


Work to Permanent Jobs Program – Employer Selection Plan (ESP)
Because you need to make hiring decisions safely, conveniently, economically, and productively… the hiring for permanent staff jobs by the trial-and-experience method makes certain that the individuals on your payroll are reliable, suitable and productive.

The Employer Selection Plan (ESP) is a simple worry free program to bring you the success you want in staff hiring … after you know the candidate and his/her skills, potential, and performance while working at your location – where you can judge competence and compatibility without commitment.

It will eliminate:

·        Costly, traumatic problems associated with bad hiring and wrongful discharge decisions.

·        Unemployment claims and charges associated with the most recent employer.

·        Record keeping, accounting, benefits, payroll taxes, recruiting, and insurance costs.

·        Interviewing costs and the possibility of alerting employees and competition to your job vacancies, etc.

·        Potential worker’s injury and compensation claims.

Direct Hire Program
When you must hire directly or immediately and wish Bright Services’ personal guidance, our Direct Hire program will save you time and money in locating and screening candidates for your Clerical, Office, Manufacturing, Distribution, and all industrial jobs.

 Note: For Positions paying up to $39,000.00 annually


·        Privatized hiring substantially reduces Title VII – EEOC exposure for both failure to hire and wrongful discharge when a bad hire is made.

·        Minimizes recruiting and hiring costs, maximizes staff time, and eliminates record keeping.

·        Assures that the individual hired can do the job accurately, safely and productively.


·        Just give us your requirements for the position to be filled.

·        Prior to recommending the ideal candidates to fill the position, we will check references, perform court checks and background investigations, conduct through interviews, and perform comprehensive testing.

·        You may interview should you desire.

Professional Placement Division
When Specialized Recruiting is required in Order to Discover High Level and Top Skilled Individuals ($40,000 to $400,000 annually and more)

We’re ready to solve your toughest recruiting challenges.  Staying ahead in today’s ever-changing world of competition means that you need a top-rated team with in-market expertise and a track record for lighting speed performance.  Bright Service’s philosophy ties these elements together, delivering market-leading talent with top skills that work best for your business.

Advantages of utilizing Bright Services Professional Placements Team:

·        Our team knows it takes the best candidates for key positions…and we know how to discover them!

·        By privatizing your search, you eliminate unnecessary exposures including Title VII-EEOC.

·        More economically sound, including time restraint, to utilize Bright Services Team.

Information Technology – Technical – Financial – Professional Staffing Program
Your company is only as good as the people who work there.  Information Technology, Technical, Financial and Professional staffing demands are increasingly challenging, that’s why more and more companies are partnering with Bright Services for highly skilled professionals.


Bright Services has recruitment professionals who locate, select, screen and mobilize the talent you need – whenever and wherever you need it.  Our industry specific focus allows us to develop a depth of experience, expertise and connections and our data base and current knowledge of potential workers are invaluable when needs arise.

We know the challenges businesses face.  We understand what people looking for employment in these fields want.  The result is a proven track record of making sure both the worker and the company are completely satisfied.

Vendor-On-Premises Program
A vendor-on-premises program for your organization means Bright Services becomes your primary vendor for your Temporary and Work-to-Hire staffing needs.

A strategic partnership is formed between Bright Services and you, our client.  We work on-site at your location.  The structure of the program is determined by your needs and requirements.  A Bright Services vendor-on-premises program can be an invaluable extension of any large company’s Human Resources department.

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