Discover Major Advantages with Bright Services’ Two Innovative Temporary Staffing Help Programs.


A sophisticated advance in quality staffing assistance
Bright Services’ innovative StaffRight program allows the most selective employer to benefit from top performing workers with freedom and flexibility. These carefully chosen employees meet Bright Services’ and your standards of excellence (same as permanent staff) for all employment disciplines.

Our requirements for this program include:

  1. Verification of the individual’s employment/unemployment records, experience and positions for the last five years, plus confirmation of actual residences.
  2. Approval of the individual through demanding selection, testing, and team interviews.
  3. Documented skills and education
  4. Tailored assistance to include court/background checks and drug testing.
  5. Determination that the StaffRight employee meets or exceeds the client company’s permanent placement criteria, should this be an objective.


The industry standard for Employees on Demand
Your solution for a timely supply of personnel in large and small numbers to perform basic tasks over long or short periods of time.

When you need QuickStaff

  • Special Projects
  • Peak Business Seasons
  • Sick Leave or Time Off
  • Balancing Shifts
  • Permanent Vacancies
  • Elimination of Overtime

Both of our Temporary Help Programs offer a complete range of skills for all of your workplace needs.