The Employer Selection Plan (ESP)

Because you need to make hiring decisions safely, conveniently, economically, and productively…The hiring for permanent staff jobs by the trial-and-experience method makes certain that the individuals on your payroll are reliable, suitable, and productive

Our Employer Selection Plan (ESP) Program will eliminate:

  • Costly, traumatic problems associated with bad hiring and wrongful discharge decisions.
  • Unemployment claims and charges associated with the most recent employer.
  • Record keeping, accounting, benefits, payroll taxes, recruiting, and insurance costs.
  • Interviewing costs and the possibility of alerting employees and competition of your job vacancies, etc.
  • Potential worker’s injury and compensation claims.

A simple, worry free program to bring you the success you want in staff hiring…after you know the candidate and his/her skills, potential and performance while working at your location – where you can judge competence and compatibility without a commitment.