Our Personnel System…Selection System, Recruiting, Testing, Guarantee(s), etc. – is the Centerpiece of Bright Services Quality Staffing System.

Since 1981, Bright Services has earned an excellent reputation in service and quality. Here are just a few specifics of what Bright Services can do for you!

Equal Employment-Non Discrimination: Our quality relationship begins with our dedication to equal employment with our policy being:

Bright Services does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, ancestry, disability, or veteran status.

Selection System: Bright Services currently has procedures in place to ensure employees proposed for assignment meet the qualifications & requirements to perform the assigned duties of open positions. Our comprehensive application process, testing procedures, and group interview methods ensure that Bright Services employees will be capable of handling assigned duties.

Application Procedures: All Bright Services’ associates must complete Bright Services’ extensive application process. The application process includes, but is not limited to the following requirements - past four years’ residency, educational background, past five years employment and unemployment history, skills inventory, attendance record for the past twelve months, a battery of testing related to the positions in which they are applying, and work and personal references. Employment verifications are conducted on all applicants (where possible and practical).

Testing: Upon request, employees referred to our client companies must appropriately pass basic testing and be tested for additional skills for specific job descriptions, such as data entry, industrial, dexterity, comprehension, etc. via our state-of-the-art Kenexa Prove It! Internet-based testing.

Kenexa Prove It! Software Assessments provide full program simulations. This requires the test taker to complete an actual software task in a fully functional software environment. To enhance the simulation, all documented methods of completing tasks are supported, including menu bars, right-click menus and keyboard shortcuts. Kenexa Prove It! offers various levels for testing ranging from basic to the advanced level.

Group Review: While Bright Services’ application process is comprehensively thorough, Bright Services’ policies and procedures also require applicants to be reviewed by a minimum of two staff personnel to determine suitability before an applicant is placed on assignment at Bright Services’ client companies.

Eligibility and Legal Right to Work: I-9 verification utilizing the E-Verification System will be administered prior to referral.

Background Checks: All employees referred to our client companies will have a good work history and will be verified where possible and practical, plus all workers referred must pass a Statewide Criminal Conviction Database Check.

Drug Testing: As requested by our client companies, employees referred must pass a ten (10) panel urinalysis.

Attendance: Bright Services has a strict, progressive 10-point policy, plus we will follow the policy of our client companies. Additionally, Bright Services will thoroughly cover attendance policies in orientation as well as weekly administration of timesheets

Orientations: All Bright Services associates receive and exhaustive orientation before beginning work at a client company. All Bright Services and client companies’ policies and procedures are explained in detail. Accident prevention and general safety procedures will also be thoroughly detailed during the orientation.

Additionally, Bright Services is able to customize the screening-selection, testing and orientation processes in order to meet our clients’ ever-changing demands.